You probably don’t remember me…

25 09 2011


I’m the guy you worked on Waddle TV with! Just got back on WordPress and thought I’d say hello.


P.S. My CP account is permanenty banned because I blew up the mine when there were penguins in it ;).

P.P.S. I don’t play CP any more anyway…


30 06 2011

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10 03 2011

20 01 2010

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30 12 2009

Club Penguin Fun Stuff is back!

Not with the posts here, but right now a new header shop made by Club Penguin Fun Stuff is created!

The name’s Header Plus, and the game’s creating headers for you to order.

Here’s the link:

You’ll like it. Try ordering some.



6 12 2009

Hi guys! I’m checking up on you guys!

I’m happy to see that the blog isn’t totally idle. Thanks for the submissions that are submitted during the duration of my absence. I can see that there are a few stories in, and I’m not saying there can’t be any more!

I’ve heard something about the Card Jitsu Fire thingy. No, I’m not going to play it, but I know that you guys are enjoying it very much.

I’ll be waiting for Penguin Generation.


Snow Maze 2009 Cheats!

27 11 2009

Hello Penguins!

There is a snow maze out, but let me first tell you were the free item is.

It is the blue  pom-pom toque, on the top of the mountain.

And now for the Snow Maze!

The start is in the ski village.

If you don’t think you can beat the maze without help, try the Maze Map!

Once you are in the maze, you will have numerous directions you can go in. Here is the directions to get you through the WHOLE maze.

1. Left
2. First Up
3. Straight
4. Straight
5. Straight
6. Left
7. Left
8. Right
9. Straight
10. Right
11. Left
12. Up

Once you are at the the end, it will look like this.

Walk inside the cave, and you will come into The Yeti’s Cave.

There is a free item, the Yeti Costume, in the middle of the room.

Well, That’s all,

See Ya!
~ Lil Potts